Together with my husband, Alan Smith, we work as the RiverSmith Team. With RiverSmith, you receive two award-winning agents for the price of one!  All agents have strengths and weaknesses, as a team, Alan and I match each other perfectly to provide you with best in class service. As North Carolina natives, we have been progressively engaged in the real estate and property management business for over 10 years.  We love this area and are actively involved, having raised our 3 daughters here. In addition to assisting clients with buying and selling real property, we are adjust to meet our clients specific needs.  For example, when real estate took a nasty downturn, we started a property management business to help those who were in a difficult position.  It allowed some of our clients to avoid huge losses while waiting for the market to recover. Now that we are in a much stronger market, we are able to help our clients maximize their real estate goals. My background is in marketing and advertising, while Alan’s is in sales.  Currently I am also working as a real estate instructor and Alan is engaged in real estate recruiting. With this combination of experience...we've got you completely covered! We pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable customer service.  One of us is always available to answer questions, show properties, market listings, or handle issues as they arise.  Customer retention is 100% and we have the letters of recommendation to prove it. Let the RiverSmith Team ensure your venture into real estate and/or property management is positive, pleasant, efficient, and professional! We look forward to working with you.